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Plant City
Drum Circle

Harvest Rhythm   September 8 and October 13  6PM

The last couple events have been awesome. A lot of familiar faces and old friends have attended, as well as some good folks new to the community. Which, of course, is what it's all about. Building community on a frequent and regular basis, not just a couple times a year at the big festivals. Our events usually include a visit with the horses, energy/healing work, fellowship with good food, and plenty of drumming. So plan on attending and please bring the whole family.

Our website:
Healing Today

Coming up December 13 - 16, Yulefest
Click here: All World Acres

Call or
email for questions or directions.
Richard@ 813-748-0761 or
E-mail  OR    
RSVP would be appreciated.

With Love and Light
Blessed Be
Richard & Morrighan

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